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林依晨的个人资料|郦志隆"I... "Lu lingji stared at lu bu, suddenly felt a strange acerbity in her heart, and said," thank you dad ~""Wonderful!" Cao cao was a military master of the time, and naturally he could feel the extraordinary in it. He smiled and said to the people, "with these two treasures, the cavalry's ability can be improved by at least 30%.Lombardi... Are you dying?

This lyu3 bu4 understanding, even if be oneself dead loyal, below the premise that is loyal at oneself, nature also wants oneself riches and honour successive generation to go down, expand oneself familial.Filled with a bloody atmosphere in the air, countless people nervous helpless shier shrink in the home, such a scene, how long has not appeared? In my memory, even though yuan shao had taken over han fu's occupation, he basically took ye city without bloodshed. Since the yellow scarf, there had been no war in ye city for nearly two decades."Open the gate and wait for me to stop the enemy!" Pound cut the horse to death and blocked the gate as a meat shield.林依晨的个人资料|

林依晨的个人资料|...Lyu3 bu4 general sitting in his chair, beautiful smile and listen to a few lovely wife concubine said these changes, in fact, the change of changan how can he not know, but at the moment, they need to pour out, lyu3 bu4 nature won't be interrupted, serious to communicate with them on these things, of course, at the end of the communication, the unavoidable gradually returned to the house, in the most original way to comfort the years of acacia, here, is insufficient for humanity also, after just three days in a row, do not make a title of generals in ancient times lyu3 bu4 general mansion step.Chapter 20 potential

"The Lord is at ease." "Chen gong said.Xiangyang, CAI fu, a hurried rushed in, to CAI MAO road: "commander, not good!"He does create a times, a break the cycle, the Chinese for thousands of years precipitation down a step by step, can let China go big time in front of the world, at the current traffic conditions and communication, unify the world is a joke, even if lyu3 bu4 can lay the territory, the size of a message from here to the western hemisphere, even spread to Europe for a year or two, is unrealistic.林依晨的个人资料|




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