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霜降鸿声切搜索网< / p > < p > liu bao painful kneeling on the ground, reverent worship toward the sky, the hope that the growing day can bless them through this difficult time, more and more xiongnu people see follow kneel down, together toward the sky worship.Originally should be toward their own situation, do not know when to start quietly reversed.Four thousand tu fall soldier, each three thousand moon people from riding, plus one thousand west cool army for lyu3 bu4, these forces self-preservation, but lyu3 bu4 have to do now is all of the hetao, xiongnu after a series of hit last year, collapse, but its forces still remains the most powerful hetao side, according to this half year come to intelligence, the huns can be war between thirty thousand and fifty thousand, eight thousand break five night?

"Who shot the arrow? ?" Han sui, liang xing complexion qi qi a change, liang xing immediately scold way.Han sui's troops, together with the people burning qiang, add up to a total of 100,000 people, such a horse, enough to deter any prince in the world, lu bu now let these horses including qiang soldiers to farming, how many people can not accept.The scouts reported that by the time the huns came in full force, pound had completed the integration of his army, and he was not afraid to say that his fighting power had been greatly improved.霜降鸿声切Lu bu's fang tiantian painting halberd had been rolled up in the battle against xiongnu and could not be used any more. Moreover, lu bu's physique was constantly strengthened, especially after he had been washed marrow Dan and strengthened dragon spirit twice. Although he failed to reach the five-star level, he could not keep up with his rhythm.

霜降鸿声切Lv bu looked at the eagle, the untamed oh gas, but let lv bu quite like, reach out to touch, but was the guy pecked a bite, scared samba hurriedly kowtow."But if there's a chance, don't let it go." Lv bu straightened his body and said with a smile: "sometimes, the details can often determine the outcome of a war, that liu bao may be alert, but his people do not have this scheming, or can be used."At the same time, at least a dozen cold arrow clusters fell in the direction where he was before. A large number of arrow shafts were looming in the snow. However, the man continued to draw the bow calmly and another scream could be clearly heard.

"Miss." Chen gong shook his head and looked at lu lingqi. "DE rong said before that you are more composed than before, but it seems that you are not."Shan yu, news just came that he had already declared his allegiance to the han people." Shortly after hamur left, a huns general rushed in and reported to liu bao hui.So the party was led here by the white horse to see the scene of the man's final desperate charge.霜降鸿声切




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