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雷怡晖出售杨木"Here!" Li can not hesitate to promise, immediately turned away."Find a place to bury the dead brother's body, and when we call back, bury them well." Lyu3 bu4 stood up, sink a track: "take all the horses, let go of the captured west cool army, as for hay..."

Extraordinary speed, west cool situation to what extent, lyu3 bu4 don't know, every little time for lyu3 bu4, are precious."Master!" Cheng Gongying bit his teeth, looked at the han sui way: "d horse fast, go on like this, I will be caught up sooner or later, master hurry to ji county early deployment, d, will be stopped by me!"雷怡晖"Eldest brother, what happened?" Out of the gate, ma dai finally thought of asking d.

雷怡晖"Fuck off!" D saw someone dare to stop, Drink violently, day wolf gun in the night sky stabbed a virtual shadow, four incoming knight don't even know what happened, a light body, has taken off, out of the horseback, from a distance, like this group of cavalry just close to, was a powerful force to live bump up and fly, didn't play a hindrance role."Xilv ~""Yang Wang is in the middle of something. I believe that in three days' time there will be results."

"Now, I give you a chance, a chance to prove themselves, as long as they own, can serve the people, have the ability to fight with me, stand up, I named him a general. Lyu3 bu4 looked at the dark crowd in the school yard, snapped."Little general, the tide is gone, I'll quit the regiment first, and then wipe out the army with cavalry!" Ezra pound saw things can't be violated, hurriedly pull d way.雷怡晖





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