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李小璐为甜馨自豪|光波裤Even if there had been speculation, but now confirmed, step root is still some incredible pumping a breath of air, the side of the pro-health commander is not believe: "He only took five hundred people, the Qifu tribe is twenty thousand people's big tribe!"Turning his horse's head and looking at a group of excited soldiers, Reuben laughed, "Men, come home!"Night battle, for lyu3 bu4, has been a routine, cold dark eyes, looking at the distant camp of bright lights, like a staring at the prey of the wolf lurking quietly in the dark, occasionally xianbei knight accidentally close, will also be shot by the archer in the dark.

Giffin left Hetao early in lyu3 bu4, As you go deep into the prairie, Has begun to order people secretly in the upper reaches of the xianbei river secretly built a dam to store water, The so-called xianbei river, the Ordos River, In this era, In fact, the names are not uniform, Each family has its own name, a title of generals in ancient times under the leadership of zhang embroidery and liao hua, seclusion in the vicinity of the king's court, only lyu3 bu4 commanded, can rushed into the king's court, meet lyu3 bu4, now, the king's court is the most vulnerable, in addition to lyu3 bu4 more than three hundred QinWei, there are only one thousand people stationed everywhere."Buzz ~"Lyu3 bu4 twisted his head to the sentence suddenly said: "You two can not muddy, but recently there is a war, I have to hide far away, concession degree root to fight, he is in the king's court, for me to take power in the future, after all, is an obstacle."李小璐为甜馨自豪|"I'm afraid I knew that the secret was hidden, and I took advantage of the chaos and ran away?" Guo figure ugly look at the account of the same ugly xu togeher, Sen Leng way: "Ziyuan before Liu Xuande, it seems to be some entrusted to the non-human."

李小璐为甜馨自豪|"Down." Kirby could rub his forehead, and for a moment he was a little distracted.Wait, the jun don't come, if they come, I will let the world hero know I Chen xing fierce!Cao Cao's face changed, and when he saw Xu Youliao's expression, he shook his head and smiled bitterly, knowing that his old friend had a good disposition. "If I had used your tricks at the beginning, the day of his defeat would not have been long!" He said with a wry smile.

"Master rest assured, will not lose the trust!" Zhang embroidery step forward, bow down to take life, after all, once for a vassal, this is stronger than others, in addition to embroidery ability, lyu3 bu4 took away a large number of conference semifinals elite, plus hetao is becoming more stable, with him, also enough to deter the hu.On the other hand, don't know what happened to the kui head doubtful looked at don't kill general rushed toward this side of the western xianbei soldiers, rushed into the horse array, horses broke their legs, knight on the ground a roll, and then continue to roll and climb toward this side.李小璐为甜馨自豪|




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