江西抓到巨型食人鱼 恐怖至之极|

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江西抓到巨型食人鱼 恐怖至之极|正阳经穴失眠治疗仪Jiang Xu bowed down and said, "XiaGuan is taught."These days, xu togeher from jun trend, found a trace of wrong, cao cao seems a little worried, early in the morning with a team of pro-health around cao camp, hope to be able to find out the truth of cao camp.At the same time, five big tribal allied forces, Kirby can camp, read the letter in hand, Kirby can smile and said: "It is called the prairie wolf man, in the words of the Chinese, this is the bottom draw! If he succeeds, I'm afraid the coalition will fall apart, someone, to invite the leaders of the other four big tribes to come, I have important things to discuss with them."

Zhang Gu a shiver, looked at Zhou Cang fierce face, subconsciously took the wine war, swallowed a mouthful of water, looked at the wine war in the clear liquid, opened his mouth, look at lyu3 bu4, finally didn't drink, dry smile way: "This... How to make?"Luoyang, the dilapidated imperial city with the soldiers gradually transferred to the east and west in recent years, the dilapidated emperor gradually recovered a few points of vitality, that year a chaos, after all because of the hurry to go, there are still a lot of missed people.Falling in to the gates, grant slightly frown, looked at the guarding city soldiers under the rampage of the enemy arrows, was pressed to lift his head, the morale is decadent, pressure in the heart of anxiety, carefully observed the enemy's law of action.江西抓到巨型食人鱼 恐怖至之极|"What's going on? Why are there these damn rat holes here?" Qifu goyang side commanded the foot soldiers to stop rushing forward, Hold the formation, looking around anxiously, large numbers of soldiers rushed unprepared into pre-dug pits, unlike the small area outside the Huns, Even if you charge, It's just a few hundred people rushing in, This kind of wandering in the wilderness, The entire formation is fully deployed, and at once thousands of people were carried into the pit, For this scene, while Kifu Goyang and his people were banging women in the Huns' tribe, Lyu3 bu4 but after coming out from the begging fu tribe, most of the time is used to dig a pit, also let begging fu goyang led cavalry, so all of a sudden, enough to have two thousand people or fall off the horse was trampled to death, or before and after crowded, involuntarily squeezed into the dense horse array.

江西抓到巨型食人鱼 恐怖至之极|With a roar of anger from the man, the patriarch's strong body fell softly on the tender, bony body of the maid, breathing heavily."Something's wrong!" Lyu3 bu4 eyes sink, thought: "He Man, you take a trip to the Taihang Mountains, remember, don't reveal your identity, secretly inquire about tube hai, find a way to contact him, if things can't be violated, then let him back, we'll find another way!""Master, I'll leave first!" Sentence suddenly, upright when the eyes flashed an ambiguous look, hurriedly to lyu3 bu4 a fuels, with the guard left, on the cliff, only two people a hawk.

"With all due respect, Monseigneur Temujin." Murong GUI look a move, sink a track: "We are defeated by you, according to the prairie rules, we are willing to loyalty to you, but the words of Wang Ting …""Roar ~"No one answered. No one knew what had happened. A tribal leader smiled bitterly. "Let's make a detour, my lord," he said. "The people in the King's Court have blocked the exit of the Yinfeng Gorge. The horse pit is really tricky."江西抓到巨型食人鱼 恐怖至之极|





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