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巴蒂亚 米塔尔|黄福荣"There's something for ford to do, not to monkey around with." Zhuge liang not good spirit of stare zhang fei dao.If lu bu did not plan to take yizhou immediately, the troops of hanzhong would surely be held down. At least from the point of view of the troops, lu bu had no advantage.Time unconsciously entered in the governors in the summer, compared with the melee of huanghe river, jiangdong this year is very peaceful, or sun quan zhou yu and failed to join the crusade lyu3 bu4 alliance of the battlefield, Jiang Dongben is sparsely populated, and there are a lot of forces in the repression of climbing, to the transfer of foreign strength is limited, and the other reason is the route of the north cannot hash with liu bei.

"Look at the sky! Although zhou yu's words were plain, lv meng could feel that they were filled with excitement."Be." Fu DE hurriedly promised a voice, followed zhuge liang into the house, zhang fei some helpless to see two people leave the back, stride away."I've arranged that if you die, you don't have to worry about your family. Someone will take care of you!" Zhou yu looked at the crowd and took a deep breath and said, "get on the boat."巴蒂亚 米塔尔|"Not necessarily dead!" Zhou yu shook his head and smiles to say: "if the war, our army can march into the first world war and jingzhou, at that time, as our foundation, need more than one viceroy, jiangdong, lu su, tracing the cause of these people have the opportunity, virtually, can ease her family for me, Yu Zhong stratagem, these people can also be used to suppress me, as these people of talent show, prestige in the army, weaken me at the same time, also can cause suspicion of jin, as a result, he will balance, will no longer fear for me, it will depend on me to help him suppress river, as a result, the game is live."

巴蒂亚 米塔尔|..."Oh?" Cao cao smell speech slightly narrow the eye: "liu bei over there war how?""Feint?

"He's not afraid." Xunyou shook his head and looked at cao cao, saying, "three years ago, lu bu used this method in his expedition to qiuci, wusun and dayuan. At that time, lu bu promised all countries in the western regions, regardless of their origin, as long as they were willing to assist in the war, they could obtain the identity of han people after the war.""I have no choice." Zhou yu looked at zhuge liang and shook his head. "Jingzhou forces more and more, and in the city are still in the fight of jiangdong soldiers still fierce not afraid of death, a hard, mo, and these people, is the death of zhou yu zhong, even know has an impasse, the jingzhou forces there has released to surrender don't kill, but they still obliged to hand weapons to the enemy, even if the body is a sword into the case, also want to drag a mat, it is this welding not afraid of death, to make war until now, but as zhuge liang soldiers into the city, with three thousand jingzhou to join the battlefield, the overall situation is inevitable.巴蒂亚 米塔尔|




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