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好朋友只是朋友 伴奏八味百痔灵"If I had met him under the horse ten years ago, the father would be a corpse by now." Lyu3 bu4 took the wine wound that inn small 2 hand over, put a silver needle into, indifferent way, 3 unique perhaps put on the battlefield insignificant, but if be this kind of street fight cruel circumstance, they are worthy of the grand master."Deng exhibition? Lv bu narrowed his eyes."Well."

"Zi Yang, how? Camp, looking at frowning meditation of liu ye, xia houyuan some look forward to the way.More and more day by day army troops, ship crossbows at around jun, a small school, although a lot of jun remaining on the wall, but manifest not afraid, and dozens of soldiers out day by day camp, sheet is that ShaQi to jun, plus the gate was broken, he died, this is low morale more gloomy."Kang chenggong was relieved." Lu bu sighed: "a certain will not suppress any one, nor overly support any one, legalism should be used, Confucianism should be used, the rule of law and the rule of virtue, in fact, not all have nothing in common."好朋友只是朋友 伴奏"Shield before, archers after, come out with me!" With a cry, cao rushed out of the gate with a large number of cao troops, with the shield and sword in front of them, protecting the archers.

好朋友只是朋友 伴奏As Zhao De was changed, the other side of the camp, a dozen torches suddenly lit up, then came the inconceivable scene, someone put a torch in the bronze mirror, and dozens of surface of bronze mirror reflected light at the same time, will be within the scope of dozens of steps in front of the fence as bright, that three thousand horses ready to night is like at the moment is to strip the clothes of the girl, lonely in the walls mirror under the irradiation of light, nothing to hide.A figure, appear in the eye of all astonishment in the corner of conference hall, nighthawk ignores the eye of all astonishment, one knee kneels before lv bu body: "nighthawk sees master."Cao cao cool and cold of glanced to collapse on the ground of fu over one eye, cold hums 1, shake sleeve and go, seal a king, absolutely not feasible, the kid is short-sighted, if really seal a king, that he this emperor still have what use?

'but I have no choice! CAI MAO sneered: "since want to perish, that together! Kill me!""Lu hussar is one of the most important princes in the world. How could he, for the sake of children, make such a fool of himself by encouraging all the officers and soldiers of the whole army to join him?" Gu shao disdains the cold hum 1."Well!" Xun yu nodded, although know, even if found out, it is only a few small fish, but if you do not check, for yingchuan Chen is not easy to explain.好朋友只是朋友 伴奏




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