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北方车友俱乐部贵州益佰复方斑蝥胶囊"Let me see." Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, his face floundering, just right to show a touch of heart look, good step by the root of the capture.Ten thousand horses galloping ahead, Less than five miles away, But when the horses were speeding up, It was almost time for a cup of tea, Lyu3 bu4 has rushed into YuanMen, As soon as the bow shook, A fire basin was thrown high, Falling on a certain tent, instantly ignited the fire, and then five thousand riders are entrained with the charge, directly into the tent, a just awakened soldiers have not had time to resist, the machete has been wiped their necks, more, is directly trampled to death by countless iron hoofs in their sleep."What do you want to do?" Rajan slipped back two steps subconsciously.

Cao Cao discontented interrupt Xu Yau, frown way: "The male is to fuck old friends, should MG and set the inferiority, this word should not be mentioned again.""Master ~" xu togeher listened to the two people run, cold sweat straight up, to lombardi hand way: "togeher know people unknown, tired armed forces frustrated, please master to sin."Master, this is cao cao wrote to xuchang urgent documents, jun army hay has been exhausted, can be broken in a few days, and now jun big army tuen and guandu, xuchang empty rear, master just need to lead hundreds of elite troops, straight on xuchang, cao" guards can't take into account, must not attack from chaos, master cause! " Xu togeher laughed.北方车友俱乐部

北方车友俱乐部"Eldest brother rest assured, this matter to me." Step root generous promise 1, and did not find Kui Tou at the moment in the words of a little unnatural.Even if it is old, weak, women and children, also can't be so easily captured by lyu3 bu4, thought of here, step root frown way: "Do you know how he is breached?""Khan wise!" TaBaJi powder and MuRongGui looked at each other, smiled and thought Kui Tou laughed, although this battle is lyu3 bu4's strategy, but it seems that the temuzhen has lost power, if this battle really won, then the next step, I'm afraid, is to deal with the temuzhen.

Without imaginary punishment, he was promoted to an official position. Jiang Li, with a smile on his face, fell to his knees. Lang said, "Thank you very much for your promotion at the end of the day."When both sides see a large number of military forces suddenly appeared, are surprised, thought in the enemy's ambush, but look at each other's reaction, obviously not so."Yes!" Suddenly a few steps ran out of the king's tent, soon, holding a large piece of sutured sheepskin came in, so spread on the ground.北方车友俱乐部




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