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ar概念股金骨康好不好With a sigh, liu bei pushed the door open and went out, only to see a huge figure standing in the courtyard under the bright and extinguished flame, with a sense of loneliness."Mr. Gongze, why did you call me here so late?" < / p > < p > yuan tan was guo tu quietly pulled out of the camp, a face of doubt.After all, among the three, Chen gong's image is relatively positive.

Yu people have either jingxiang liu watch or a corner of liu zhang, or inherited the father and brother of the sun quan, are not enough to lu bu in the same class, also only sitting in the central plains of cao cao, can with lu bu broke off a wrist."That's all for today. Free time." Lv bu waved and let a group of female soldiers move freely. He strode out of the camp, only to see jia xu waiting at a distance under the escort of the magnificent sea."A scholar is quick in his thinking, and his future achievements stand in the way of his congratulations." Lv bu looked at pang tong and nodded.ar概念股Liu bei wen speech, double eye one acid, two lines of clear tears unconsciously flow down, kneel down on the ground, shibuya way: "Sir Not out, han shi whai?"

ar概念股"Uncle to, ping son, you two stay in jiangxia, help the big childe zhenwei jiangxia. Liu biao again looked at the two men."The big idea? Is there such a thing as a brilliant idea? As long as you see the key to the problem, unless there is no solution, the strategy for solving the problem is not too complicated, at least ideologically, not too complicated. Lv bu smiled and said, "yuan zhi knows, why is it that the heart of our race is different?""The army at the back is gaining on us." Lu lingqi frowned: "so escape down is not the way, we are not familiar with jingxiang terrain!"

"Oh?" The mighty sea peered toward the city, and sure enough, seeing their delay, the captain shouted, "why hasn't the general entered?""More general, cao gong find me exactly what matter?" < / p > < p > cao camp outside, liu ye inexplicably was more xi brought to the camp outside the horse farm, finally couldn't help but curious to ask.The magnificent sea see the other side urge, in the heart that doubt naturally increase, ride horse outside the gate hovering, see toward the other side way: "I and cao ren general also calculate to have several face of reason, can call cao ren general out answer?" He was reckless, but from a green background he was not bad at babbling.ar概念股




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