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宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|搜The dull drum outside the battlefield sounded, the already desperate spirit of high view a boost, that is the unique frequency of cao jun's drums, cao jun to help! ?"After this war, the duke should seek an exit as soon as possible, meng jin could not stay for a long time, cao meng DE has already had the heart to give up fighting, liu jingzhou alone difficult support, jingxiang place, outstanding people, a great number of wise and virtuous scholars, the duke when looking for wise and virtuous scholars...... "Sima lang said this on and off. In fact, he hoped that liu bei would go to his brother. His brother's talent was far beyond his own."Lord, loyalty is old." "Huang zhong said bitterly.

"Dong ~ dong ~ dong ~"On the first day of his arrival at huguan, hsiung kuo hai offered his challenge to pang, who had not yet recovered from his previous injury.宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|"Fire!" Two people is almost at the same time given the order to release the arrow, JianCu intersection, in the air crash, then staggered and fell in different directions, d with the cavalry is almost on the formation of primm blunt past, did not directly impact matrix, the sparse arrows rain took several life again, riding and shooting injection JianCu, however, is almost entirely by jun continues, even if has a shield hand keep out, still there are dozens of jun soldiers in a pool of blood.

宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|"Gone." Liu pan nodded: "eldest brother according to the command of uncle, liu bei borrowed two generals, just...... ""Son of a bitch! Yuan shang looked at the retreating soldiers and horses with a lirious complexion. Even if he wanted to catch up with them, he could not catch up with them. At that moment, his good mood became terrible.With a livid complexion, yuan shang looked into froyuan's eyes with a look of terror.

Without giving CAI yan time to reply, lu put on his clothes and went out of the academy with the official document: "come, let the government of fa zhengdao meet me."The magnificent sea secretly dumped the arm that sends ache, smell speech unwilling to show weakness way: "good, as long as you zhang sunspot dare to come, I dozen you"Hum!" Zhang fei ruthlessly stared at the magnificent sea, le turn horse head, with guan ping and gathered troops, toward meng jin recede.Zhang he stood up, will yuan shao's hand put back, turned his head to look aside the doctor, with him in addition to yuan shao's bedroom, zhang he frowning way: "what disease did the Lord make?"宝贝把它掏出来憋不住了|




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