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250pp情艺中心春节团购福利礼品"Filial piety? Cao cao turned around, but see guo jia pale standing in the door of the handsome account, face expression is also some gloomy.Be shocked not only is cao cao, more numerous allied soldiers and men, the handsome flag down, the heart of the army, what's more, lv bu this arrow of the wei too terrible, for a time, even rear command archer MAO jie all some fear."Zhaoyun." Lyu3 bu4 look to zhaoyun, some complex, at the outset he really very value this member martial arts officer.

The former battalion had little practical value, so it was simply used as a base for the ministry of works. After all, this was lu bu's military secret. It was located in chang 'an."Quick, faster! < / p > < p > guo yuan has been anxious red eyes, high dry let him defend the crossing, never put gao shun over, once gao shun here established a firm heel, this has some high dry will not block the danger of the enemy, the whole xihe, shangdang will be exposed in the foot of lu bu.Spent lyu3 bu4 and giffin yecheng this place a lot of work has now become a dikes, JiZhou decorate also so far fall short, yuan is still dead, JiZhou thoroughly without land, like lyu3 bu4 say, how much can take all the connection, cao cao is naturally dominate the family advantages, but zhang liao should almost solved the troup over there, as long as you state to pacify, lyu3 bu4 and zhang liao, grab a few county is no problem.250pp情艺中心Side young away guan yu, but also indirectly saved holds the sea life, not the guan yu, is just one man, zhang fei although arms and needles, but the pressure is small, the moment a stick force flew open, the opportunity to leap into the zhang fei attack range, loudly say with smile: "liu bei for shame, with two dozen one, not a hero, meet the next battle, to teach you know grandpa's fierce!"

250pp情艺中心Lv bu slightly narrow up an eye: "the way is long 10 years ago, can ever foresee today?"When cao cao saw guo jia's body, the moment froze in place, gawking at guo jia's body.

Gu shao nodded silently without answering, and did not ask why it was 60 percent, because you are not the person of someone else, lu bu, willing to put money to you have secretly smiled, want to with lu bu's soldiers, officials enjoy the same treatment, that is a dream.Wrong! Mother, this time really wrong!"Be." Married CongFu, maiden again good, also has become a stranger after all, the promise wa surname is lu bu, is also had a replacement for his family, with the lyu3 bu4 has for some time, for the Lord wa surname also had certain understanding, this is a very strong person, and the principle problem don't say she is just beginning, I'm afraid in changan several sister dare not touch these problems.250pp情艺中心




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