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关晓彤舞蹈侵权|牧豆咖啡片Zhao Yunwen said, The corners of his mouth gave birth to bitterness, An unspeakable boredom poured into my mind, In the Western Regions for half a year, Follow Addis, Have seen Addis that some tough appearance, Hidden in that tenacious, resolute heart, Two people fight side by side, several times in distress to help each other, feeling unconsciously, already rooted in the heart, sprout, grow, when lyu3 bu4 big break xianbei, write that but make the dragon city fly in, don't teach hu ma du yinshan adverbial, zhaoyun had an impulse, so stay in the western regions, accompany Addis, imitate lyu3 bu4, famous outside."Yes." Han sui smiled and nodded, "just came the news, the five big tribes secretly united, calculate the king's court, step root was Kirby can shoot, the five big tribal coalition forces have also besieged the king's court, the king's court civil strife is now, it is time for our army to drive straight into, the patriarch won the khan."Stupid!

Turning his head, he glanced in the direction of his office, Jiang Xu gave a wry smile, Such a decree, if it is anywhere in the central plains, will be greatly resistance, but here in lyu3 bu4, have to say otherwise, lyu3 bu4 officials, basically are from a poor family, and lyu3 bu4 under the various decrees, to lyu3 bu4 exceptionally support, they are the sons of these powerful families, simply do not have the strength and qualifications to oppose lyu3 bu4 decree.Han sui know machine way: "I would like to follow khan, a total of broken king's court.""Astonishing?" Lyu3 bu4 looked at Fei San, nodded and laughed, "Say, what do you want, as long as your amazing secret enough weight, the general will not be stingy."关晓彤舞蹈侵权|Xu Sheng, Chen Xing military almost, skills are not bad, but compared to, wei yan like xu sheng more, Chen Xing body, always with some pride, let wei yan some uncomfortable, and character is also more radical, tiger fastened shut this place, or character calm xu shenglai better.

关晓彤舞蹈侵权|"What 's the trouble? Do it!" Lyu3 bu4 in mind bored hum a way, at this time to know why the cost of recovery success almost as much as the cost of training Chen Gong once, but also can't care so much, while in the heart ordered, while twisting his head to say to all: "Make a stretcher for me, will old male back to camp.""With the ability of adults, as long as help xianbei khan made great contributions, don't worry about not having the opportunity to lead the army back to hetao, revenge for my huns!""This is natural, cloud also admires Wen Hou to be a person. Zhaoyun su rong way, this is his commitment to Addis, Addis smell speech, didn't say more, more than half a year of getting along, two people already know each other very well, the man said, even if it is knife and fire, will not change half a point.

"Damn this guy, he unexpectedly said zhang adult want to harm me, in the food and drink, I believe that zhang adult elegant demeanor, will never do such shameless things, zhang adult just drink a glass of wine, prove adult innocence, I will immediately kill the man!" Lyu3 bu4 laughed."Don't worry, I don't have much interest in you, I have three wives, and three wives, each of them, regardless of appearance and temperament, are far above you, I will not kill you, after this war, xianbei is gone, go back to your frost country." Lyu3 bu4 looked at her funny, shook his head.关晓彤舞蹈侵权|




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