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杜双华简历|51sole.comLu bu's voice sank, and the three hundred hussars did not continue to shoot. He quickly put the crossbow on his horse, mounted it, and picked up the rhubarb crossbow."But, as I said, you were only selected at first, and only three hundred men for the cavalry!" Lv bu looked at these men and said in a deep voice, "only the best soldiers are qualified to enter my hussar camp."This eagle is still young now, not too far to fly, want to fly a long distance, need about half a year time, and this war eagle is the king of the eagle, just used to transmit information, some pity." The eagle, samba said softly, was psychic and could help spy on the enemy, sometimes better than the scouts.

When pharaoh burning smell speech can not help but to hesitate, after all, Korea hence had too much, while chapter, north GongBoYu to subsequent marten, burn when Lao wang didn't care about these before, but now, with possible against him, under the condition of not more than many of the concerns in the heart, after all, by contrast, marten Korea hence become sworn brothers, however, can not hesitate to kill han sui, besides yourself?Not long ago, lu lingqi with dozens of female soldiers and the emperor appeared in front of the wenpin danghuang, and very arrogantHaving humiliated the three armies for some time, he turned and ran away.杜双华简历|"What's your plan for the future?" Pick eyebrow, although zhaoyun said is not wonderful, but she can follow lv bu li to fight, especially in xianbei people chase after kill, can run all the way here, and can see, zhaoyun is all the way to kill the power to almost be killed by xianbei people, white horse righteousness from the middle, have such characters unexpectedly?

杜双华简历|Jia xu smile, nature is not to help so simple, this is equivalent to zero qiang first recognized the leadership of lu bu, and willing to accept the command of lu bu."The idea of bringing the power of heaven and earth to my use is somewhat similar to the dragon bone chariot, but somewhat different." Chen gong stood with lv bu in the workshop at the bottom of the windmill, watching the wind blades made up of four pieces of canvas rotating in the wind, passing through the machine, and pushing the stone mill. The prepared food was poured into the mill and ground into flour, which was much faster than the efficiency of manual grinding."Oh?" Jia xu looked at fa yan and said, "brother zhongli has the same family?"

"General meng qi, you can strike now." Until now, jia xu indifferent face just spread a little wave, yesterday the Wolf qiang ransacked xiongnu tribe, it is jia xu sent people disguised as, is to provoke the battle between xiongnu and Wolf qiang.'still stubborn, ha ha, I like it.' The magnificent sea smell speech heartless and heartless smile."Well!" Hearing this, the city guards agreed and took leave.杜双华简历|




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