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演员刘敏涛|莲藕种植专用防水布Originally Guan Yu in the arrow, angry, driven by anger, Squeeze out the potential of the whole body, even cut two knives, tardif frightened back, but also do their best, almost directly soft fall to the ground, if not for face, and afraid tardif back, guan yu how can miss this rare broken city, back to camp at the moment, around only Xing Daorong a person, a loose heart, is no longer able to raise any strength.Chapter one hundred and seven joke scene"Shameless child, damn it!" Watching tardif kill, guan yu stuffy hum 1, the right hand alone with dragon crescent moon knife turned the horse head, cold blade with fierce anger screaming to cut, tardif also can't chase guan yu, hurriedly raised the crescent halberd frame guan yu's knife.

Just like Lv Meng, but also Jiang Dong, Chai Sang Navy is also Zhou Yu's elite water army trained for many years, Was Guan Yu under the Funiu Mountain crying father called niang, Want to know at the beginning with lyu3 bu4 guanzhong elite play, The result has to be reversed, What kind of result will the Jiangdong water army have when it collides with Lyu3 bu4's troops on land? Cao cao almost dare not imagine, so liu bei must not lose, this is also an important reason that cao cao is willing to help liu bei, at the moment he, urgently need a teammate, can help himself block lyu3 bu4 from the pressure of the west, and sun quan is obviously not a good teammate.Guanzhong army, in addition to hussars, There aren't many troops who are good at mountain warfare, In the absence of certainty, Wei Yan is obviously more willing to lead the other side out of the mountain, Again with strong crossbow annihilated, close combat, although there are advantages, but rushed into the woods some unwise, guanzhong crossbow arrow is the strongest range, into the woods will no doubt let range this kind of thing is greatly weakened, and yan yan troops bow and arrow can play a great advantage in the mountains and forests."Looks like three more defeats?" Ma sneer at a way.演员刘敏涛|Another defeat, for zhuge liang, the mood at the moment can be imagined.

演员刘敏涛|"Kill!" A group of jingzhou soldiers roared up the weapon, followed guan yu back to kill.But tardif that last arrow although failed to hit guan yu, but will guan yu side of the handsome flag cable to shoot off, soldiers are fighting, suddenly found guan yu's handsome flag, instinct began to withdraw, also calculate to temporarily solve the siege of qua.

Just at the moment jingzhou army has been endlessly killed into the song, even if want to break, all directions are the enemy, and guan yu also had to guard against two people while the chaos break, laid a heavy army in the east, tardif and He Qi rely on the familiar terrain, after several combinations, ultimately unable to break through."ZiBu this bad, the lyu3 bu4 is also wolf ambition, how will he promise? Even if promised, this human relationship, how do we want to repay?" Sun quan has not spoken, zhuge jin has frowned out the voice of sun quan.Pang Tong wants to fire, before we could draw the enemy in, There zhuge liang has seen through, the whole press up don't give pang tong opportunity, zhuge liang want to gather the water of the three rivers flooded pang tong, orders just issued, haven't action, there pang tong has also found, began to seize the upstream with zhuge liang, both sides entangled, zhuge liang can't even flood his own people, can only do it.演员刘敏涛|





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