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快点进来嘛人家想要|春节团购福利礼品"Oh? Lyu3 bu4 wrote poetry?" Cao cao surprised looked at the country, he knew lyu3 bu4 once did the main book, the pen is good, once tiger step two huai, a letter run of yuan almost vomiting blood, but never heard lyu3 bu4 will make poetry! Now some can't wait to unfold bamboo paper.Luoyang, the dilapidated imperial city with the soldiers gradually transferred to the east and west in recent years, the dilapidated emperor gradually recovered a few points of vitality, that year a chaos, after all because of the hurry to go, there are still a lot of missed people."General male physique is excellent, ordinary people by this injury, I'm afraid I can't survive for a moment or three, but general male unexpectedly has been up to now, and the injury is improving, is really a rare curiosity!" Military doctor smell speech, eyes burning to the male broad sea, the eyes, as if looking at a rare treasure, lyu3 bu4 have no doubt, if there is a concept of surgery in this era, this guy is absolutely possible to secretly male broad sea to slice research.

After the crowd had left, Step root just seriously looked to the head of Quebec way: "Eldest brother, this Tuoba JiFen thing, I'm afraid not a Tuoba tribe, I'm afraid, behind several other tribes also participate in it, I will take twenty thousand people, win the natural best, but if... I have any accident, please don't hesitate, elder brother must be timely use temuzhen, otherwise, king's court is over."Over the past three days, left-behind camp ke sin and go to jin stop sudden also just routine, whether it is a general or soldiers, at the moment are holding an optimistic attitude, Wang Ting will break, almost everyone has reached a consensus.Such a decision was undoubtedly correct, the two big family groups work together in Yuan Shao at the same time, And checks and balances, but this check and balance with lombardi's forces continue to grow, internal contradictions also began to intensify, coupled with lombardi later some complacency, let the contradictions of the two groups gradually sharp and did not intervene in time to reconcile, which is why when the country said ten wins ten defeats, the focus of the Ming lombardi factions.快点进来嘛人家想要|For these talents, lyu3 bu4 is not embarrassed, quantity and use, not like xuzhou as honored guests, also not suppressed, adhere to lyu3 bu4 consistent employment principles, can, mediocre.

快点进来嘛人家想要|"Yes!" At the moment, lyu3 bu4 after the first world war, has completely established his prestige in the king's court, king's court people no one not to accept, at the moment heard lyu3 bu4 call, called wule soldiers a straight chest, excited victory should be."Yin Feng Gorge?" TaBaJi powder smell speech."Master, are we in the wrong place?" Sentence suddenly wry smile way: "This kui head, how to look, do not seem to be a big deal."

"Yes."Yinshan, xianbei king's court, kui head with hundreds of defeated soldiers, embarrassed to return to the king's court, to now, kui head still don't know why he will be defeated, the sky is gloomy, with an unspeakable repression.This person, if left, even if he played again miserably, also will eventually have a day to stand up again, xianbei characters now emerge, kirby can in lyu3 bu4 heart, is the biggest threat, there is this person in, xianbei will one day be unified by him, more powerful, this is lyu3 bu4 absolutely don't want to see things.快点进来嘛人家想要|




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